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Born in Thalassery, Kerala. After pursuing Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, worked briefly as a freelance writer before landing up at Film and Television Institute of India, Pune to pursue Editing. 

After graduating from FTII in 2016, shifted to Mumbai and started working as an Editor. Began the career in the film industry (March 2017) as an Assistant Director in Malayalam Feature film Eeda to know how things work on shoots at a large scale before the footage comes to the suite. After Eeda, since September 2017, the sole focus is on Editing. Primarily edited short fictions, documentaries, sketch series and music videos.

Worked as an Associate & Assistant Editor on advertisements and commercially successful feature films like Dhadak, Badla and Mardaani 2.

Apart from this, had fun working as an Assistant Director, Sound Recording Assistant and Art Director on a few projects.


Though the journey as an Independent Editor had started back in 2016 immediately after the course at the institute, my career took a major turn in September 2017, when I first started assisting Jabeen Merchant in the Ladhaki Feature film Chuskit.


It was a rigorous process since we had a time and budget constrain. Then happened the shift to the mainstream Bollywood since  I started working with Editor Monisha R Baldawa in Dhadak as the Assistant Editor. It was followed by Badla and Mardaani 2 in sequence before I finally decided to go fully independent after working on Mardaani 2 as the Associate Editor. Since then, it has been a wonderful journey of creations and collaborations

Editing is both passion and profession for me. More than the perks it brought in creative expression, there has been a process of routing one's self through editing; from developing patience to sit at one place, going through things over and over again, think from different perspectives to route one's memory in certain ways to recollect, reorder and reconstruct it for the story telling.

I absolutely enjoy the process of editing be it narrative, abstract, fiction, non-fiction, music videos, commercials etc for the freedom it gives in thinking in multiple ways. Every other subject I have been learning and pursuing for the past few years have just been the attempts to improve my craft, to excel in it. 

In isolation, the edit suite helps me think, imagine and create! 

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